Jose's Vision

A Bright Future for Markham-Stouffville

In 2017 Canada saw a historic first with the rise of the British Columbia Green Coalition government. Today, Jose is hoping to make history in Ontario by becoming the first Green MPP to represent the new provincial riding of Markham Stouffville.

Jose is requesting the support of the citizens of Markham Stouffville so he can represent them at Queen’s Park with collegiality, honesty and integrity.

The Green Party

Jose chose to run for the Green Party because he firmly believes that it is the only party in Ontario that is not dominated by corporations or other entities. The Green Party stands for a different form of politics one that puts democracy, local economic development, and inclusiveness first– because those social aspects represent the firm foundations on which all prosperous communities are built.

Creating a Thriving Community

Thriving communities are nourished by local businesses, healthy ecosystems and family-run farms. To promote the creation and healthy growth of sustainable, prosperous local businesses in Markham-Stouffville, Jose proposes to create a new centre for social innovation (CSI) ideally at 6383 Main Street in Stouffville where his Campaign Hub is now open to serve the community. Jose proposes to pay for the new CSI at Stouffville using the constituency budget that is provided by the Ontario government to all elected MPPs.

Jose proposes to share the constituency office so small and medium local businesses can have a permanent place to share their experiences and to have access to provincial services, innovation know-how, and financial opportunities.

Commitment to Education:  Expanding York University in Markham

For Markham, Jose is proposing to harness his know-how as a York University professor to expand the new university campus that will be built adjacent to the Pan-Am building. Jose cares about young people and as an educator, he knows how important it is to provide them with an innovative and inspirational framework to thrive. His proposal is to work with the private sector, municipal, provincial and federal governments to build a world-class university residence in Markham and also new outdoor education programs to be based at the new Markham campus of York U and the Rouge Park.

We Want to Hear from You!

In addition to these two unique proposals, Jose’s Green team is actively seeking your input to learn more about what matters most to you and your family.

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